Saturday, April 6, 2013

Photos of Rain at the Air Force Training Command Consolatory Train

Rain sang Hip Song at the April 4, 2013 Consolatory Train held at the Air Force Training Command. How did I know Rain sang Hip Song? Well, he always sings that song during conso trains. But alas! Since this was a private event, no fan cams are available for our viewing pleasure... yet. I hope someone out there can share Rain's performance with us! ***Prays so hard*** 

For now, let us all see and be amazed with the photos released by DEMA. Source:

Here are my favorites:

Handsome, lean, and sexy! 

Rain giving a salute.

The question in my mind is... "Did Rain dance just like what he did at the April 28 Conso Train?". Ah~~ I'm itching to know already! I hope some guests recorded the show, I hope they would share some videos with us. 

According to the quote, "A picture paints a thousand words." However, that saying just doesn't hold true for Rain. Photos are not enough... we need videos. (^_^)v

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