Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lovely Vertical Wallpapers from Rainthetreasure

I have always been a fan of Jess MK of Rainthetreasure! These lovely fan arts are on my laptop wallpaper and phone. Of course, let's not forget the background of this blog is from Jess, too!  I'm so glad that more vertical wallpapers are added to Rainthetreasure photos. I'm currently thinking of what would be the next wallpaper on my phone. 

Rainthetreasure wallpaper on my phone. 
Here are my favorites:
I love the heavenly feel this photo give me. 

Ah~~ the dramatic rainfall effect. ;) 

Rain's sweet boyish look. 

I love pink and I definitely love this!

Rain's confidence is oozing!

I'm speechless. :) 

That passionate look. Love it!
All of them are so beautiful that I can't decide which wallpaper would be next. I constantly change my mind on a photo to pick. I want this and I also want that! LOL! Well, there is not a rule that keeps me from changing wallpapers everyday right? 

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