Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy 11th Anniversary, Rain!

Dearest Rain,

I would like to greet you a happy 11th anniversary! I can't believe that it took me almost eleven years to love you. I don't know how to express my feelings right now. I want to greet you in a special way. But all I can think of is this letter. 

Mr. Jung JiHoon, you are a very special person. I am always in deep gratitude to God for the gift of your existence. Life is full of struggles and difficulties. I was at the edge of giving up my hopes and dreams. But everything changed when you came... at the time when I needed someone or something to hold on to. 

Even after all you've been through, you emerge victorious. Time and time again you have proven how you live your values: Focus; Patience; Endurance; Honesty; Humility. You give me a good example to live with. You have influenced me to be a good and better person than I was before.

With you, my small world expanded. Now, I have friends all over the world because of you. Your dear Clouds are wonderful people. They give me happiness, too. Following your example, we love and support each other. I am never alone in the shade of your Clouds. 

My wish for you... to just continue being yourself. Your existence is enough. Continue to sing and dance and do the things that you love. Be happy and smile. Know that whatever happens, your Clouds will be here. We respect your decision and we will always side with you, Mr. Jung JiHoon. 

Inspiration is like a flowing river, and there is no stopping it. Looking back, I remember all those blog posts I wrote, those fan videos I made, those pictures I edited, and this blog dedicated to you. Mr. Jung JiHoon, you are the source of my inspiration. I never thought I can be as creative as I do now. Thank you. 

My only regret is... not being able to love you instantly when I first found out about Rain from Time Magazine or that Clear Commercial. But I am happy  that it's not yet too late to be your Cloud. 

Take care always. I hope to see you in person. Someday... someday... 

Angel Mariel

My greeting to Rain.


  1. Very good Mariel ... way to go Rain Cloud Pilipinas

  2. This is a wonderful and touching letter, so true and just the right words! sister you have touched my heart... thank you for sharing this!

  3. so sincere, Mariel that I could feel it.. if he read your letter, i am sure he will be touched so much and Rain and love you, too..take care always..

  4. Thank you all for the kind words, dearest Cloud sisters. ♥ i wish to meet all of you in person too. ♥