Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Clouds, Join this Contest!

Okay, so Rain is your idol. You know his songs and dance routines. You know his dramas and movies. You know every possible thing there is about him. 

But... can you sing, dance, and move like him? 

If you can, join the contest Attention!!! My Rain organized by the Cloud group BESIDE. Check out the post by Rain's Little Cloud by clicking here. Only overseas fans (that is, non-Korean fans) can join. The objective of this project is to show that world Clouds are anticipating Rain's return. 

Put all your effort in to it because wonderful prizes are up for grabs! This contest allows us to win up to 7th place! Take a look at these... (Photo credits: huhuhuhu at The Cloud)
First prize.
Second prize.

Third prize.

Fourth prize

Fifth prize.

Sixth prize.

Seventh prize.
Those Rain stuff are more than enough motivation for you to do your best! I also want to join but unfortunately for me, I can neither sing nor dance. So I am left with drooling over those pretty prizes! Rainism CD... I want!~~~

For more details and information on where to upload your videos, visit http://rainslittlecloud.blogspot.com/2013/04/event-notice-attention-my-rain.html

I'll be right here cheering for you guys! Ganbatte

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