Sunday, April 7, 2013

April 2, 2013 Consolatory Train (1st Field Army Headquarters) with Rain

I posted last night about the April 4 Conso Train but it seems that there was another one beforehand. In fact, I messed up the photos and posted them without realizing that the dates were different. Sorry guys. So here is my late post about Rain's performance at the 1st Field Army Headquarters Consolatory Train. 

Much like the latter, this conso train was also held in private. Ah I notice the difference now... it's the background images on the stage. I think Rain sang Hip Song here, basing it on the dancers' movements and his gestures, too. 

Here are my favorite images. Photo source:

See those happy faces. :)

Rain's cute smile. 
I'm happy to see Rain in good shape! See, the guests took photos and I hope they recorded Rain's performance. I want to see it, even though I know it's another round of Hip Song. 

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