Saturday, April 27, 2013

#11thRAINingYear is Not Just On Twitter

Clouds, I'm sure you have a hangover over the Twitter trending event that we had last Thursday. Well, let's add some more, shall we? We have a lot of tweets to Rain regarding his 11th Debut Anniversary but wouldn't it be great if he will be able to read those? 

Fear not! A message board on Pindax has been set up by Rain's Little Cloud for Rain's 11th Anniversary. Access it here:   Feel free to write supportive messages to Rain there, but please let it be in Korean or in English. Take note: this project will be reported to the official The Cloud and Rain will be able to read them. 

Check out the RLC website on how to join Pindax by clicking here. You can leave messages even if you don't have a Pindax account. But I suggest you make one so that it will be convenient for you to join in the next 'leave messages for Rain' events (for sure, there will be more in the future!) 

Oh! You can write as many messages as you want! I wrote one too... here it is:

Dear Clouds, I'm sorry for this late post but the deadline is April 27 (THAT IS TODAY! Argh~ Sorry for the late update, guys). So better hurry to the website and leave a kind word or two to Rain before midnight! Starting April 28, the board will be available as read only

Now the question is... do you still remember those sweet and inspiring words you tweeted to him? Hmmm... Time to review your Twitter timeline then. (^_^)v

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