Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Successful #11thRAINingYear on Twitter

Clouds all over the world got together on Twitter last April 24, the exact 11th Year of Rain's Debut Anniversary. We celebrated with a trending event which lasted for two hours. All of us used the hashtag #11thRAINingYear to commemorate this big event in Rain's career. I had fun tweeting and reading all the tweets to @29rain. It was so fast that it flooded my timeline every half a second! 

At the same time, I also posted a short blog post about Rain's debut stage, which happened 11 years ago.

Of course, let us not forget....

We have Rain because of JYP.

Clouds sent congratulatory messages to Rain for this achievement! To 11 years of living his dream:

As always, Rain unites all Clouds from different countries and languages. It is amazing to know we feel the same way for him. How we admire and love him... Our thoughts echo in our hearts. Here are some...

~Daisuki da yo~ (I like you.) 

I'm sure that if Rain read all our tweets, his heart will be touched by our kind words. We hope that he will have more and more anniversaries to celebrate with us! 

According to Rain's Little Cloud, there were 4,800 tweets per hour! #11thRAINingYear trended in Japan and Indonesia (See the full post by clicking here). Yay! Congratulations to us for making this event a success!

And oh! Before I end this post... 

....I sure did mark my calendar! July 10 come quickly! #WaitingforRain

Monday, April 29, 2013

Rain On Stage for the International Peace Support Group (25 Apr 2013 Consolatory Train)

Rain performed before the International Peace Support Group on April 25, 2013. So what is the background now? Besides Rain, I now observe the stage itself. After the gorgeous ball and lightning backdrops, the DEMA stage surprises us once again with creative visualization. 

Photos courtesy of DEMA (http://dema.mil.kr/)

The circles and waves remind me of my media player's Battery visualization. With Rain and his official four bars Sergeant badge, it becomes a sight to behold! 

Rain is getting leaner and sexier!  

Rain always takes the time to go down from the stage and reach the audience:

Happy soldiers at the sides reaching for Rain's hand. 
Nice shot, Mr. Photographer! :) So dramatic!
Rain makes any stage awesome! He just completes the whole picture! Hmmm... but my favorite backdrop is still lightning! 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rain and Lightning at the 25th Infantry Division (19 Apr 2013 Consolatory Train)

I mentioned before about how the gorgeous ball background highlighted Rain's performance at the Army Aviation Operations Command.  Ten days later, we are treated to a wonderful sight of our favorite soldier on stage with a more intense backdrop: lightning! 

This consolatory train performance was held at the 25th Infantry Division on April 19, 2013. I think this was held in private as no fan cams from our dear Korean Clouds were available. For now, we have photos to see courtesy of DEMA (http://dema.mil.kr/)

Here he is looking handsome and overpowering as ever... Ooh... That lightning background makes him look so divine. I am starstruck by Rain!

With his dancers...

And of course, with the audience... (Rain's back is still sexy in army uniform. Hihi~)

I am liking these beautiful backgrounds nowadays. I wonder what is up in the next consolatory train performances. But for now, Rain and lightning go together, eh? Always. 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

#11thRAINingYear is Not Just On Twitter

Clouds, I'm sure you have a hangover over the Twitter trending event that we had last Thursday. Well, let's add some more, shall we? We have a lot of tweets to Rain regarding his 11th Debut Anniversary but wouldn't it be great if he will be able to read those? 

Fear not! A message board on Pindax has been set up by Rain's Little Cloud for Rain's 11th Anniversary. Access it here: http://www.pindax.com/8766   Feel free to write supportive messages to Rain there, but please let it be in Korean or in English. Take note: this project will be reported to the official The Cloud and Rain will be able to read them. 

Check out the RLC website on how to join Pindax by clicking here. You can leave messages even if you don't have a Pindax account. But I suggest you make one so that it will be convenient for you to join in the next 'leave messages for Rain' events (for sure, there will be more in the future!) 

Oh! You can write as many messages as you want! I wrote one too... here it is:

Dear Clouds, I'm sorry for this late post but the deadline is April 27 (THAT IS TODAY! Argh~ Sorry for the late update, guys). So better hurry to the website and leave a kind word or two to Rain before midnight! Starting April 28, the board will be available as read only

Now the question is... do you still remember those sweet and inspiring words you tweeted to him? Hmmm... Time to review your Twitter timeline then. (^_^)v

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April 24, 2002

Today, eleven years ago, a new artist debuted on stage with the name Rain. He sang the song Bad Guy with fast and accurate choreography! I wonder how he felt at that time. Was he scared, just like a person who would do something for the first time? If he were, he didn't show it!  

If I had seen this performance, I could have become a Cloud immediately! Where was I during that time! But I am happy that I have known Rain, even if it took me almost 11 years!

It has been Rain-ing for eleven years now! Congratulations, dear Jung JiHoon! 

Photos of Rain at the Second Armored Brigade (Consolatory Train 11 Apr 2013)

Rain had a performance last April 11 at the Second Armored Brigade. One thing that I appreciate from this performance is we have a lot of photos of Rain interacting with the audience. We see happy faces from the soldiers once Rain comes close to shake their hands. Lucky ones! 

All photos courtesy of DEMA (http://dema.mil.kr/ )

Those eager faces! 

Cheer for Rain! 

Good thing Rain didn't get mobbed.

This photo makes me focus on Rain's sexy back! Hihi~

I'm sure you want to see some of Rain's photos on stage, too! Well, here they are:

Add it up with a little fierce!

A salute after the performance (I think)
Rain is admired not just by women, but also by men! Those photos prove it! Well, us girls just scream louder! 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Twitter Trend on April 24 to Celebrate Rain's 11th Anniversary

Rain debuted in showbiz on April 24, 2002. Tomorrow (April 24, 2013) is the exact 11th year of his career. As a new Cloud, I'm glad that I can join in events such as this! With the success of the D-100 Twitter trend, I'm all the more excited to participate! 

To celebrate this feat, dear Clouds, let us all join in the Twitter trend event tomorrow! This just came in earlier, and was posted by NovemberRain at the World Cloud board.  The time of the event will be at 10PM - 12 Midnight KST. The time here in the Philippines will be at 9PM - 11PM. Tweet to @29rain and the hashtag that we will use is #11RAINingYear

Let us trend Rain worldwide, dear Clouds! :)