Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The 7th Army Artillery Brigade Consolatory Train with Rain

Rain's Hip Song was a hit among fans and soldiers at the 7th Army Artillery Brigade Consolatory Train. One thing I have noticed was that the men love Rain, too! Watch the video by 효과 비 below and see the excitement of the soldiers as they catch a glimpse of Rain. 

Here are my favorite photos from our dear Korean Clouds. Images courtesy of Terry Yu쏭쏭잉, and 비푸름. Please see watermarks for credits. 

Rain is so handsome up close. You can't miss that confident aura from him!

His confidence! Photo by 비푸름

His perfect salute. Photo by 비푸름

Rain's salute with a smile. Photo by 쏭쏭잉
 Rain performing on stage... Take a look at his stance. He knows how to project himself well.

Rain with the dancers. Photo by Terry Yu.

Singing Hip Song. Photo by Terry Yu.

Towards the end, Rain gave a salute to everyone. Photo by Terry Yu.

Of course let's not forget everybody's favorite dance move from Hip Song! \(^_^)/

Shake that thing, baby! Photo by Terry Yu.
This performance spells EXCITEMENT. Rain sang the same song from his previous consolatory trains, but it evokes different emotions every time. I also realized another thing... When before, high pitched voices shout his name. Now, deep masculine voices join in screaming! 


  1. so sexy!!!! so extraordinary!!!!

  2. he must have swallowed a handsome pill during the Conso Train ... he's so handsome and glowing.

    1. Yup, Feli :) He is very very good looking~ :)