Friday, March 22, 2013

Rain Performs Hip Song at The Friendship Bridge Concert

Rain was one of the performers for the Friendship Bridge Concert in celebration for the South Korea diplomatic relations with Vietnam last March 20, 2013. I was not personally present for this but I'm very happy that our fellow Clouds covered the event for us. 

Rain on stage. Photo by Terry Yu.
Here is a fan cam and we thank miyu2luv for this! It's nice to see Rain smiling again and having a good time on stage. When I watched this, I realize how much I miss him. For sure, Clouds out there feel the same. 

Of course there are photos, too! Here are my favorites... Photo credits: please see watermarks. 

Showcasing Rain's cute facial expressions! Photo by mongshari

Rain waving to the audience. Photo by mongshari.

It's that cute smile! 
But here is something that I rarely get to see... While dancing the pelvic roll in Hip Song, Rain was smiling all along! And it's a cute shy kind of smile, everybody! 

Rain's smile while dancing to Hip Song. Photo by  mongshari.
It was a great performance on stage, as what you would expect from World Star Rain.

Rain giving a 90-degree bow to the audience. Photo by Terry Yu.


  1. thanks for sharing Rain infos and pictures. Good job.

  2. ang ganda mariel!! di pa na rin nakagawa eh, medyo di pa magaling