Friday, March 29, 2013

Rain at the Army 8th Corps (Consolatory Train)

After a lot of Consolatory Train performances, Rain finally did something different with Hip Song. Just a few days ago, I was wondering why Rain only sings the same song over and over. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to see him on stage... but Hip Song is way too over used already. 

When I heard that Rain would be on board the Consolatory Train just earlier today, I didn't get excited enough because I knew, it will be Hip Song again. But nevertheless, I still want to see him. Thankfully, our loyal Korean Clouds were there to record and share Rain's performance with us. 

And woah! I didn't expect that I would see something unexpected! Rain... he danced the routine  of Hip Song, though only in the chorus part! I have never seen him do that in his previous Consolatory Train performances, except the pelvic roll move maybe. Plus, it wasn't an ordinary.. it was a sexier version of it! Rain gyrated his hips so well (*Fangirl scream*)! Watch the video below, courtesy of yoshimin

I have observed further, how he is back to his performance level! Watch the video below to see the over all stage (video by yoshimin)! The way he grooves to the music, the props on stage (the lights and that fire effect were amazing), the way he interacts with the audience, and the way he owns the stage... it's like seeing Rain in a full concert again!

It's all in the internet and Clouds are happy to have seen him dance again. With this, I guess his back injury has somewhat healed. Ah~ Nothing is more sexier than a man in army uniform dancing to Hip Song! Let's hope Rain's back will heal completely... who knows, we might get a treat of seeing him dance the whole routine of Hip Song (in his army uniform of course)! 


  1. he he he true Mariel, I can't wait!!!

    1. Thanks for dropping by, sis! :) Hehehehe... sana nga... :)