Friday, March 29, 2013

Rain and Korean Clouds, Take Care!

I'm sure you have heard the news about the threat of North Korea to wage war against South Korea and the US. It has become serious that the North has readied missiles to hit US military bases in South Korea and the pacific region:

Normally, I don't really express opinions regarding politics, especially when war is involved. In the end, it's the innocent people who suffer the consequences. I don't know what the governments involved are actually planning. Of course, what they said to the media is not the entire truth, so to avoid panic among the people. But the information they give out is enough to cause worry.

Our dear Corporal Jung Ji Hoon (to be promoted to Sergeant on April 1) is the army. If war will break out, he and all the soldiers will be called for duty. Now I am worried about him. Not only him, but our dear Korean Clouds, too... Is this how it feels to have a loved one in the army and about to go to war? Is this the pain of a mother or a sister or a wife who has a soldier in the family? 

Rain and Korea is close to my heart. I don't want anything bad happening to my loved ones. So please... let us all pray and hope for peace between North and South Korea. To our dear Rain and Korean Clouds, take care always! 


  1. Anxiety and tension is what's happening in Korea now if all of these news are true. Not only Koreans, but everyone here in the US with a relative stationed in South Korea at this time will be worried for their loved ones. Tourists from all over the world enjoying the rites of spring in Korea, having their holidays must be worried and anxious to leave the country right away. Praying for all the soldiers involved and hopefully the Norths will be enlightened regarding the consequences should a war starts again after 60 years. I hope that peace will prevail among these nations.

    1. Yes, Feli . (T_T) All of us are praying for peace. Hopefully, everything will move towards peace. :(

  2. Appreciate your post, Ms. Mariel...
    While N Korea makes continuous threats which most of world brushes off,
    there should be concern that there could be danger not for just S Korea
    but for ALL of Asia, those of us in Hawai'i and even mainland USA...scary!
    The news that the public gets is carefully screened leaving out the REAL
    firgtening details.
    Praying that this nastiness will disappear, that 비 will be safe *just 100 days
    of MS to go* and that PEACE will override N Korea's (probably supported by
    China) demented plan to rule the world~so IDIOTIC!
    Be safe everyone~비 hugz *.*

    1. Thanks, dear Cloud. I always pray that our Rain is safe.. everyday.