Sunday, March 31, 2013

Let Us All Trend Rain's D-100 in Twitter on April 1

Photo from Drown in the Rain ~Argentina~
Clouds in the Philippines, let us all join and support the worldwide Cloud Twitter trending project for Rain on April 1 (that's tomorrow, Monday). It will start on 10:00 PM Korean time. Here in the Philippines, it will be around 9:00 PM (since we are one hour behind KST).

Let us tweet to @29rain and use the hashtag #SgtRAINsD-100 (UPDATE: It's now #SgtRAINsD100). Rain needs all support from his Clouds! He will be promoted to sergeant and it will be his Day 100 (as in 100 days left) in service. Congratulate him... encourage him... the more messages and tweets, the better! Retweet your fellow Cloud's tweet to trend faster! :)

See you tomorrow in twitter! I will go home early from work just for this.... Oh! I might sleep late too. Ah~ All for dear Rain! :)