Sunday, March 31, 2013

Let Us All Trend Rain's D-100 in Twitter on April 1

Photo from Drown in the Rain ~Argentina~
Clouds in the Philippines, let us all join and support the worldwide Cloud Twitter trending project for Rain on April 1 (that's tomorrow, Monday). It will start on 10:00 PM Korean time. Here in the Philippines, it will be around 9:00 PM (since we are one hour behind KST).

Let us tweet to @29rain and use the hashtag #SgtRAINsD-100 (UPDATE: It's now #SgtRAINsD100). Rain needs all support from his Clouds! He will be promoted to sergeant and it will be his Day 100 (as in 100 days left) in service. Congratulate him... encourage him... the more messages and tweets, the better! Retweet your fellow Cloud's tweet to trend faster! :)

See you tomorrow in twitter! I will go home early from work just for this.... Oh! I might sleep late too. Ah~ All for dear Rain! :)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Rain and Korean Clouds, Take Care!

I'm sure you have heard the news about the threat of North Korea to wage war against South Korea and the US. It has become serious that the North has readied missiles to hit US military bases in South Korea and the pacific region:

Normally, I don't really express opinions regarding politics, especially when war is involved. In the end, it's the innocent people who suffer the consequences. I don't know what the governments involved are actually planning. Of course, what they said to the media is not the entire truth, so to avoid panic among the people. But the information they give out is enough to cause worry.

Our dear Corporal Jung Ji Hoon (to be promoted to Sergeant on April 1) is the army. If war will break out, he and all the soldiers will be called for duty. Now I am worried about him. Not only him, but our dear Korean Clouds, too... Is this how it feels to have a loved one in the army and about to go to war? Is this the pain of a mother or a sister or a wife who has a soldier in the family? 

Rain and Korea is close to my heart. I don't want anything bad happening to my loved ones. So please... let us all pray and hope for peace between North and South Korea. To our dear Rain and Korean Clouds, take care always! 

Rain at the Army 8th Corps (Consolatory Train)

After a lot of Consolatory Train performances, Rain finally did something different with Hip Song. Just a few days ago, I was wondering why Rain only sings the same song over and over. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to see him on stage... but Hip Song is way too over used already. 

When I heard that Rain would be on board the Consolatory Train just earlier today, I didn't get excited enough because I knew, it will be Hip Song again. But nevertheless, I still want to see him. Thankfully, our loyal Korean Clouds were there to record and share Rain's performance with us. 

And woah! I didn't expect that I would see something unexpected! Rain... he danced the routine  of Hip Song, though only in the chorus part! I have never seen him do that in his previous Consolatory Train performances, except the pelvic roll move maybe. Plus, it wasn't an ordinary.. it was a sexier version of it! Rain gyrated his hips so well (*Fangirl scream*)! Watch the video below, courtesy of yoshimin

I have observed further, how he is back to his performance level! Watch the video below to see the over all stage (video by yoshimin)! The way he grooves to the music, the props on stage (the lights and that fire effect were amazing), the way he interacts with the audience, and the way he owns the stage... it's like seeing Rain in a full concert again!

It's all in the internet and Clouds are happy to have seen him dance again. With this, I guess his back injury has somewhat healed. Ah~ Nothing is more sexier than a man in army uniform dancing to Hip Song! Let's hope Rain's back will heal completely... who knows, we might get a treat of seeing him dance the whole routine of Hip Song (in his army uniform of course)! 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Cutest Smile Strikes Again!

Rain makes the hearts of women swoon with his smile once again! As seen during his Consolatory Train performance at the 7th Army Artillery Brigade, he was caught on camera by our dear Cloud vividly12blue. In this video, we see him smile. Look at how his eyes tightened... it's a real smile, everyone! :) 

Of course, after seeing the video above, Clouds all over the world got inspired (including me!). They have created various fan arts dedicated to him. Please see watermarks for credits. 

Collage by Jeon Sa Kekoa

Collage taken from Brazil Cloud.
Our dear Cloud Ruby meticulously got snapshots of the video. Here are my favorites... for full list, visit her blog post here.

All of us have been hit by Rain's cute smile. Now, I remember the very first time I saw his smile... it never failed to overwhelm me with happiness! Like I said before... It's a beautiful smile coming from a beautiful soul. Ah~~~ inspiration! Aja!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The 7th Army Artillery Brigade Consolatory Train with Rain

Rain's Hip Song was a hit among fans and soldiers at the 7th Army Artillery Brigade Consolatory Train. One thing I have noticed was that the men love Rain, too! Watch the video by 효과 비 below and see the excitement of the soldiers as they catch a glimpse of Rain. 

Here are my favorite photos from our dear Korean Clouds. Images courtesy of Terry Yu쏭쏭잉, and 비푸름. Please see watermarks for credits. 

Rain is so handsome up close. You can't miss that confident aura from him!

His confidence! Photo by 비푸름

His perfect salute. Photo by 비푸름

Rain's salute with a smile. Photo by 쏭쏭잉
 Rain performing on stage... Take a look at his stance. He knows how to project himself well.

Rain with the dancers. Photo by Terry Yu.

Singing Hip Song. Photo by Terry Yu.

Towards the end, Rain gave a salute to everyone. Photo by Terry Yu.

Of course let's not forget everybody's favorite dance move from Hip Song! \(^_^)/

Shake that thing, baby! Photo by Terry Yu.
This performance spells EXCITEMENT. Rain sang the same song from his previous consolatory trains, but it evokes different emotions every time. I also realized another thing... When before, high pitched voices shout his name. Now, deep masculine voices join in screaming! 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

We Met Each Other For A Reason

When I saw this wallpaper on my Facebook news feed, I was touched by its title. The photo is so dramatic that it brings out a surge of overwhelming emotions: love, achievement, contentment, happiness...

We Met Each Other For A Reason by Jess MK of Rainthetreasure. Photo link here.

This brought me back to the moment on how I began to admire Rain. I was at one of my lowest points in life. Then, God gave me inspiration in the form of a person! I will always and forever be thankful to God for giving Jung Ji Hoon to the world! 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Rain Performs Hip Song at The Friendship Bridge Concert

Rain was one of the performers for the Friendship Bridge Concert in celebration for the South Korea diplomatic relations with Vietnam last March 20, 2013. I was not personally present for this but I'm very happy that our fellow Clouds covered the event for us. 

Rain on stage. Photo by Terry Yu.
Here is a fan cam and we thank miyu2luv for this! It's nice to see Rain smiling again and having a good time on stage. When I watched this, I realize how much I miss him. For sure, Clouds out there feel the same. 

Of course there are photos, too! Here are my favorites... Photo credits: please see watermarks. 

Showcasing Rain's cute facial expressions! Photo by mongshari

Rain waving to the audience. Photo by mongshari.

It's that cute smile! 
But here is something that I rarely get to see... While dancing the pelvic roll in Hip Song, Rain was smiling all along! And it's a cute shy kind of smile, everybody! 

Rain's smile while dancing to Hip Song. Photo by  mongshari.
It was a great performance on stage, as what you would expect from World Star Rain.

Rain giving a 90-degree bow to the audience. Photo by Terry Yu.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Why We Love Rain

You might have heard of the Korean pop star named Rain. He is a famous entertainer not just in Korea but also internationally. You might have seen him...

As an actor:

As a singer and dancer:

As a product endorser:

Or maybe you notice his good looks...

First: Rain's cute and contagious smile. It's the kind that captivates the audience: 

Second: His sexy physique: 

While most people see only a handsome and sexy man, we, his Clouds, see him in a different light. Let me list out the things that appeal to me the most about him

Rain once suffered from poverty in his teenage years. He liked dancing and he wanted to be an entertainer. However, he was rejected several times by entertainment agencies for reasons ranging from not having a double eyelid to not having enough talent. But this man didn't give up and his break came when he auditioned for JYP. He truly worked hard to become the world class entertainer we see. 

This quality of being a strong human despite life's tough adversaries is the top trait that we like about him. He always focuses on his goals. He accepts challenges and emerges even stronger. 

Next, is the passion we see when he performs on stage. You can tell that he gives his best. He sings and dances from the heart. He does his job well, may it be in singing, dancing, or acting.

We love him because of his beautiful character. He is an inspiration to us all. He remains humble despite all his achievements, as true to his motto: Endless Effort, Endless Patience, Endless Humility.